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Client Testimonials


Malabsorption 2 Months Gone In 2 DAYS

" For over two months, my four year old son could not keep any food down and had uncontrollable, watery bowels. Our doctor ordered an upper GI and colonoscopy. I was terrified for my child to have those procedures so we immediately tried one of the shifts I discovered in Stop The Soak. After just two days he could eat and keep his food down, had no more vomiting and all bowel movements returned to normal. He did not have to have the GI or colonoscopy. I’m so grateful. "

- Anna G.

Client Testimonials


Rare "Incurable" Infection GONE in 7 Days

" I have suffered with a rare, incurable infection for over 30 years called mastoiditis, a bone disease behind my ears. Every antibiotic the doctor prescribed laughed at this infection. Every morning for 30 years I woke up to a foul smell and drainage on my pillow from this infection. It has caused me tremendous duress most of my life. My physician said my only option was surgery, with no guarantee, and that I was at risk of meningitis if the infection spread. I have prayed for a solution for 30 years and God has answered my prayers! I tried one shift from the Silent Soak SWAP and after only seven days, my 30 year ear infection is gone. No more drainage, no need for surgery. "

- Shane V.

Client Testimonials


Skin Irritation GONE

" My 18 month old daughter suddenly had a rash appear on her arm. Eczema runs in the family so I was concerned. I tried a combination of two of the SWAPs found inside and within 48 hours her rash was gone and has never returned. I am amazed! "

- Susanne M.

Client Testimonials


A Better Way To Come Clean

" I received the information in the “Stop The Soak” ebook and immediately started reading the labels in my bathroom. I quickly realized that I have been using a toxic product with scary chemicals on my daughters since they were babies. They are now seven and nine years old. We STOPPED and SWAPPED and are thrilled with the results! I’m so thankful to my friend, Len, who shared the answers found in Silent Soak with me! "

- Laura S.

Client Testimonials


Dental Hygienist Noticed Less Plaque Buildup

" Once I read this, I stopped using my toxic chemical toothpaste that says “Call poison control if swallowed,” and tried one of your suggested swaps and I’m hooked. When I went in for a routine cleaning, my hygienist noticed immediately that my mouth looked really healthy and that I had a reduction in the amount of plaque typical for me. Less plaque, no nasty toxins! Thanks for these invaluable tips! "

- Wayne K.

Client Testimonials


20 Year Digestive Issue Resolved

" I have had significant digestive issues for many years. I’ve sought physicians, nutritionists and naturopaths and at one point was using 20 prescribed supplements at a time with no relief. After the very first time I tried just one of your recommendations, I went to bed that night without burning indigestion and have felt great ever since. I now lay down in peace every night with no pain or burning in my belly. I tell everyone I know about the Silent Soak! Thanks! "

- Rachel D.

Client Testimonials


Significant Increased Energy After My Shower Swap

" Many years ago I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia which can cause significant pain and fatigue. I was able to get up in the morning, take my kids to school and start my day but after my shower I consistently became fatigued and would have to crawl back in bed. It was becoming a pattern. Once I STOPPED my toxic bath products, I noticed my new toxin free shampoo and body wash was giving me energy after my shower so much so that I no longer lay back down in exhaustion every morning. This little shift has literally has given me my day back! "

- Terri N.

Client Testimonials


Acne? Or ACTUALLY a Chemical Reaction?

" For the past 20 years I thought I had adult acne because my face would break out whenever I used creams or ointments on my skin. After reading this book I finally understood why... I’m not acne-prone, I’m just toxin averse! Now that I’ve made some swaps, I can moisturize without fear of blemishes! Thanks so much! "

- Angel B.

Client Testimonials


Goodbye MRSA Infection

" In July of 2015 I was hospitalized and placed on IV antibiotics with MRSA infection. For the 8 months that followed, the infection kept reoccurring in multiple spots on my body - legs, nose, fingers, etc. During my most recent outbreak, I had a one inch deep, open wound that was turned black, which is extremely dangerous. People can die from this type of infection. The doctors put me on an IV drip and scheduled surgery for the next morning to surgically remove the infection. However, a friend of mine suggested I try the solutions suggested on this site which I implemented immediately and it became instantly noticeably improved. By the next morning it was so much better that I never had to have the surgery and I have never had another reoccurrence of MRSA infection since that day! The doctors wanted me to wash my entire body once a week in a Clorox solution - Talk about a toxic SOAK! Now, instead of bleach, I only use the safe and non-toxic alternative recommended on this site that is proven to kill bacteria. Obviously this has changed my life and I can’t believe the solution was so simple, so inexpensive, and so painless - oh and NO surgery required! I can’t help but share my excitement and I tell everyone they have to learn about the Silent Soak. "

- Karen B.

Client Testimonials


Lost 50 Pounds in 90 Days

" I’m a busy entrepreneur with a background in health and fitness - I used to own health clubs. I tried a few of your suggestions found in this site because I was recovering from an injury and had become fatigued and sluggish. But I was not expecting the results that I got... 90 days into it, I noticed my trousers were literally falling off! I didn’t expect it to make me lose weight... I was just trying to feel better. I’m down 50 pounds in 90 days and have maintained it for a year with no dieting or change in exercise. I just got UNSOAKED! This information is priceless! Thanks for sharing your wisdom! "

- Jackson K.